Shipping & Handling

At Comfy-Tec, every shipment is treated with the utmost priority. Daily, we proudly send out hundreds of products, connecting delighted customers globally. However, due to the international nature of our warehouses, there are some variations in our shipping and handling times, making next-day delivery unavailable.

Order Processing: Once your payment is confirmed, your order moves immediately into our system. Our team collaborates with suppliers to ensure order verification, tailoring, quality assurance, and packaging. This process generally takes between 1 to 2 days.

Shipping Duration: This pertains to the span between the dispatch from our warehouse to its arrival at your chosen destination. Typically, this period lasts between 10 to 18 days business days, though exceptions can occur based on various factors.

Order Tracking: As soon as your product is en route, we'll send a confirmation email your way. This email will contain a tracking number, enabling you to monitor your order's journey directly via our website through our tracking page.

Do note: while most of our partnered shipping agencies offer this tracking feature, it may not be available in every scenario, especially in fast shipping times.